Raising Healthy Children


When do you know your child is as healthy he/she can be?

A healthy, normal, well-nourished child  have the characteristics below:

- Mental alertness, brightness

- Cheerfulness and a contented disposition

- Bright, sparkling, wide-open eyes

- A good appetite

- Absence of vomiting

- Normal Bowel movement (1-2x daily), color and consistency

- Little Crying

- A steady gain in weight from healthy growth and not from disease, obesity, unhealthy eating habits

- Firm muscles

- Perfect, sound continuous sleep all night

- Constant growth in height and intelligence

- Symmetrical development of muscular and not fatty tissue

- A clear skin with a normal color and complexion

- Absence of extreme/constant weight-loss

- No pain or discomfort

These are the signs of a healthy child that every parent should be familiar with, because lack of such conditions indicates an impairment of health. The signs of impaired health are quite numerous, some are listed below:

- Mental dullness

- Irritated and discontent

- Pasty/pale complexion

- Lack of appetite, picky eater

- Flatulence, excessive bowel gases with strong odor

- Constipation

- Diarrhea

- Colic

- Colds, Nasal congestion

- A lot of fretting and crying

- Weight-loss / emaciation

- Fast weight gain

- Disturbed sleep, Sleep not sound and continuous. Does not sleep all night.

- Crying in sleep. Hard to put to sleep at night

- Restlessness. Hard to take care of.

- Pain and discomfort.

- Mouth breathing

- Too slow or rapid growth development

- Lack of symmetry in development

- Soft, flabby muscles

- Skin eruptions

Sometimes a child might have some of these symptoms that go unnoticed, or that doctors think they are normal, but they are not. These signs show that something is not right, so it is very important to learn these impaired health signs to better identify what may be wrong with your child.

Also, try to keep track of your child’s eating habits. Nutrition play a very important role in Children’s Health.

The key to better nutrition is not only what you add to you diet but also what you need to remove.


The Hygienic Care of children (Dr.Herbert Shelton)