EarthSave – Healthy People Healthy Planet

I love eating healthy and being healthy. It feels so good that I don’t want for me only. I want it for all!

I love what I do and helping people get healthy could not be more gratifying! It’s my passion!!

Health and wellness is our birthright. We all have being carried away once or twice or many more times – by all the processed food corporations. But that’s what they want! They want us hook to their junks so that they will make their billions of dollars. And as if that wasn’t enough, after years eating their processed junk – comes the pharmaceutical industry’s turn to make their billions out of our health problems!

We have the power to make changes and take charge of our own health. Don’t let “them” tell us or our kids what to eat! The answer to your health problems is your hands, better – in your plate! Just make the right choices.


I am so excited to be part of a change! Tomorrow I will start as  a Food Coach for Meals for Health. This 30 day intervention program helps participants reduce their health care costs, and puts them on a path of wellness and recovery, using a low-fat plant-based diet.

We will have great Health educators/speakers like Jeff Novick, RD; Michael Klapper, MD; John Robbins and many others.

I can’t wait to be part of this group, learn more and be part of this experience!

EarthSave is guided by founder John Robbins’ philosophy: May all be fed, may all be healed, may all be loved.