Yeast? Bacteria overgrowth? or candida?

First, from my own experience I never had a severe case of candida. But since I went raw, years ago, I notice that my belly would increase and I looked like I was 4 month pregnant.  I was loving the raw food diet and I still do. I love fruits and I didn’t have to eat much of it for my belly to get big!

Then I learned about Food Combining. So, I was careful not to mix high protein and fatty food (like nuts/avocados) with sweet fruits. Yes, that helped but I still had a “fruit belly” and that was kind of embarrassing and not comfortable. Feeling bloated is not fun.

After all these years, carrying a fruit belly around I never gave up on my raw food lifestyle. I eat fruits for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Sometimes followed by green smoothie or green juice and/or salad. The little bacteria inside me? Probably delighted with all the sugar for breakfast, lunch and dinner like me!

Well, I thought they are part of my healthy flora, right? They should be there! But you know what? When they overgrow they go poo a lot. Yes, they do! What worst? Their waste is in the form of alcohol! Formaldehyde! and other toxins!  With that inner overacidification happens.

The common symptoms of an intestinal yeast overgrowth include gas, bloating, mental fog, fatigue and others. Some severe cases include: white spots on the skin, nail, toe fungus, coated tongue and others.

Yeast thrive on extra sugar, so If you suffer from severe candida, know that is a sign of high blood sugar that can lead to Diabetes.

Back to my case here, how could I have bacteria overgrowth if I eat alkalizing foods? Shouldn’t a clean and alkalizing diet keep them under control? Well, that’s what I found out! I had a mercury filling. What does it have to do with anything, anyways? Well, I found out that yeast and mercury are best friends!! They stick to each other! Making it harder to keep them under control!

In fact, it’s impossible to rid yourself of a candida overgrowth if mercury is found in your system! Either by eating fish (high in mercury like tuna) or dental fillings.

Now, months after the removal of my dental mercury filling, I can eat as much fruit I wish and my belly hardly change in size. The difference is amazing!! I don’t feel bloated anymore!  Feels great!

Do you have mercury filling? You can have them replaced by nontoxic versions. Look for a holistic dentist and feel the difference! Also, add more alkalizing foods in your diet to help to eliminate the heavy metals from your system.


– Crazy Sexy Diet, by Kris Carr