Allergy Season?? Not again…

Not for me and maybe not for you, but 35 millions Americans face seasonal allergy each year as the pollen from trees, grass, flowers, and plants makes it way into the air. After a long winter, specially if you live in colder areas, you can’t wait for spring, go out and enjoy the weather. But, then here is spring and… allergies!

For some, allergies start as early as in their childhood and stop as they grow, while for others allergies start when adults. But why? What truly causes it?

Are you tired of trying new allergy medicine every year? Medicines that don’t really work?? Because if it did you wouldn’t have to buy them every year or deal with allergies anymore, right? Maybe it’s time to say adios to runny nose, watery eyes, ear infections, sinusitis, tonsillitis, asthma, headaches and other common symptoms.

So let’s get things straight! How allergy happens, anyways, right?

Usually, the allergy problem stems from weak and over-stressed adrenal glands (located right above the kidneys). Over-stressed adrenals could come from a diet containing sugar, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, and/or coffee, and other toxic foods which put an excess burden on these glands.


So, as if eating toxic foods weren’t enough, of course, we also have the vaccines, drugs and other chemical exposure that create skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, etc., Why? because of their negative effects on the thymus gland. The thymus gland produces, what are called T-regulatory cells, which help suppress or reduce allergic reactions. But all the vaccines, drugs, chemical exposure, viral infection and radiation we have been exposed to, easily destroy these cells.

So, allergies are not really caused by what is in the air, but by what we eat and what’s in our body!

The three biggest allergy triggers are:

– wheat

– Dairy

– eggs

And what do these three has in common? protein! What happens when a foreign protein is introduced into the bloodstream? Allergic reaction! It can be food allergy or this famous Seasonal allergy. So, if your body is sensitive to these protein particles from the food you eat, it gets even more sensitive when you are exposed to what’s in the air.

Why would wheat do that? if Muffins, cakes, cupcakes etc… taste so good. I know you might love them but do they love you back??

Let’s check it out:

A gluten intolerance causes a malabsorption of any grain that contains that protein. What happens is that the intestines become irritated and lose their normal mucous membranes necessary for proper absorption. Then, because of the thinning of the bowel’s walls, toxic substances are allowed to be absorbed into the bloodstream. This then causes allergic symptoms far from the original, complicating the process and leading to multiple allergic symptoms.

Even if you have not being diagnosed as gluten intolerant or with Celiac Disease, you could be experiencing allergies because of the wheat products in your diet. Dr. Ford, a pediatrician in Christchurch, New Zealand and author of The Gluten Syndrome, says he believes the percentage of people who are gluten-sensitive actually could be much higher (than the estimated 6%) — potentially between 30% and 50%.  Read more on wheat, click here.

Dairy intolerance is also a very common problem because many people lack the enzyme to digest milk sugar from birth while others lose this lactase enzyme later in life. Up to 85 percent of Orientals and Hispanics are deficient in lactase by adult life. Caucasians of European descent usually retain adequate levels while those of non-European descent do not.

If the lactase levels are too low or not there at all, dairy cannot be digested and it ferments, causing diarrhea, constipation, gas, abdominal pain, and many other systemic allergic reactions. And, the protein in milk itself can also cause problems.

Part of the problem with gluten and dairy intolerance comes from improper weaning. Because the infant’s intestine is way more permeable than an adult’s, large proteins, or their fragments, can be absorbed directly into the blood. So, if protein-containing foods like dairy, wheat, or eggs are introduced into the diet too early, they can set the stage for life-long allergy. 

Breast milk protects against this foreign protein absorption into the blood by sealing the intestinal area, making it less permeable. But, most kids are either not breastfed, or are breastfed for too short a period and then weaned to pasteurized, homogenized, antibiotic-ridden, pesticide and growth hormone containing cow’s milk.

Now, back to eggs. Eggs are the third major food allergen, after wheat and dairy. Yes a chicken’s period can be causing your allergies! Again, because its protein. Dr. Cursio says that the egg white contains avodin – a substance that destroys biotin, an important member of the vitamin B complex. You don’t want these important vitamins to be destroyed, do you?

Another factor in allergies is liver congestion and toxemia. Coupling this with digestive enzyme deficiencies, or other causes of incomplete digestion, it will increase allergic reactions and a liver cleanse will help tremendously.

Another contributing problem to allergies is the widespread use of chemicals, pesticides, GMOs, and other destructive additives to the food supply like aspartame, MSG, food colorings and all the other things designed to increase shelf life.

Yeast infection has been found in stubborn cases of allergies because the yeast proliferates and irritates the mucous in the intestines, causing it to become more inflamed and more permeable, allowing foreign proteins to enter into the blood.

You can heal from allergies naturally, but first you will need to strengthen the entire system, especially the overburdened adrenal glands by eliminating all toxic food described above. Specially the 3 biggest allergens.

Do a Liver cleanse. Juice fasting is very effective in eliminating toxins, cleansing your system and establishing equilibrium within the body. Not honey or bee pollen, no! That won’t do it.

There is always a solution to the cause of a problem that can eliminate the necessity of drugs, which merely address a symptom and never the cause.

If you eat wheat, dairy products and eggs thinking you need their nutrients, remember Nature has plenty fruits and veggies that provides us with all the nutrients, vitamins,  calcium, protein that we need.

Any questions or comments?? Feel free to reply back!


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