Oh This is our Vegan Lifestyle…

At Dolores parktur 001

This is my 5 year-old boy. Vegan since birth. Soccer player. Musician (he sings, loves piano, guitar and drums). He Loves books, reading, drawing, coloring and painting. He can hike up to 5 miles (never tried more miles than that, not yet). He can talk perfectly since he was about 2 years old. He is silly, happy and funny. He loves all the animals, and he respect even the littlest ant walking by.

And yes I am bragging about my son! Which mom doesn’t, right?

But what can we all learn from this little boy? – We can learn that human beings don’t need meat, dairy or any animal products! Not at all! We can learn that to thrive in perfect health, Plant-food gives us everything we need. Food that grew, food that did not kill anybody, food that won’t kill us from eating it. Yes, Plant-food will provide us with every nutrient we need. Every vitamin, mineral, fatty-acids. Yes! protein and calcium too!

Still not so sure?

I took my son to a physical exam required to go to Kindergarten about 2 weeks ago. Before this, his last time at the pediatrician was about a year ago, only because we needed a  physical exam to go to preschool. His pediatrician was very impressed that she had not seen him for over a year, while there were so many kids sick there that day. He is very health and he is growing and gaining weight between the normal range :)

I feel very blessed for our Vegan lifestyle. I am grateful for learning about it. I wish more people knew about Veganism. I am sure many more people would choose this lifestyle too.

Now…bragging a little about myself: I am not really his mom… just kidding!

But here’s what everyone we meet asks: – are you his big sister? or his nanny? aunt?

– No. I am his mom. People hardly believe it. They all say I look way too young to be his mother. I am 30. People usually say I look like 18, 20, 21…I even heard 16 once!!!

Few months ago I had a blood test done, a very complete one because I had never had one since I went vegan about 4 -5 years ago. Not that I was worried about anything just for curiosity. The results? Everything is great! B12, protein, calcium…all the other minerals and vitamins: great!

Oh yes this is my Vegan lifestyle! I look younger, I feel great, full of energy! and yes  I want to look young always, wouldn’t you?

Go Vegan!